Global Green Action Week 2016

Global Green Action Week 2016
Consumption for satisfaction contributes towards increasing incidences of non-communicable diseases among young children including diabetes and cardiovascular disorders.
Sugar, fat and salt are the most important contributors to bad health. Adequate amounts are not easy to achieve because they do not take into account feeding habits as well as regulation of standards in industry. Fast foods do not limit how much salt, ketchup or sugar a consumer can have leaving a vacuum for health chaos. Young children in Kenyan schools do not carry packed food from home anymore. It is more convenient to let them decide what is best for them at lunch time. Advertising and peer pressure are determinants of what to eat.
Learners consume junk most of their school lives that has an impact directly on cognitive function hence academic performance. A deliberate effort to empower young consumers to make informed decisions is important to save future generations.
This year YEN intends to
1. Identify potential unsafe ingredients in foods available in selected schools.
2. Highlight the safety levels of foods available in Kenyan schools.
3. To engage the Education and Health sector to regulate foods available to school learners
The overall impact of the project will be to empower young learners to make informed decisions about food. There will be a conscious debate publicly to ensure that food safety is taken seriously by relevant stakeholders. The rights of young consumers will be upheld and that the girl-child who has suffered a lack of audience can participate in making choices for herself together with others.

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